~ About Us ~

Feathers is a vibrant Online Yoga studio.

It has always been our dream to create an all-inclusive healing hub to share the gifts of Yoga, meditation and other healing modalities.

Feathers originally started several years ago as a group of like-minded students practicing yoga together weekly in my home. 

We would enjoy drinking tea, sharing conversation and of course the Yoga.

Our aim is to re-create these early therapeutic home classes online.

We are passionate about Yoga beyond just the physical postures (Asana) and enjoy integrating all aspects of Yoga into your online experience.

Feathers classes combine postures (Asana) breathing techniques (Pranayama) meditation (Dhyana) and other personal touches.

We offer a variety of classes to suit everyone including... Restorative, Vinyasa, Yin, Soft flow, Ashtanga based beginners courses, meditation and a variety of workshops and events.

We also have a gorgeous range of gifts that can be viewed on enquiry.


We look forward to meeting you.


Much love,



Our Process

All of the Feathers classes are delivered online via Zoom.

Once you have made your booking you will be emailed a Zoom link which will allow you to join the class at the relevant class time. 

By clicking the "Timetable" button above you will be able to see our range of classes and make your class bookings.


You have 2 options for making your bookings: 

1. You can book classes in casually and pay as you go

2. You can purchase a “Pass” online by clicking on the “Purchase A Pass Online” button above the timetable which will give you access to our special offers. You can then use your pass/passes to book classes accordingly.

Should you have any queries please contact us via feathers.pure.skin@gmail.com

"The restorative class on Monday night was so relaxing, I took the mindfulness of Rachels words with me through the week. Thursday nights Progressive class was even better!"


~  Kirsten


" So enjoying the classes... the energy is amazing, I leave there feeling relaxed and positive and looking forward to the next class"

~ Michelle

"A gorgeous Yoga studio with the best energy and not to mention that Crystal and Rachel are lovely! Definitely one of the best Yoga places I have been."

~ Aline




Crystal Williams

My love for Yoga started in 2010 during my pregnancy with my second son.

I had practiced on and off since I was a teenager though I never allowed myself to completely open up physically and mentally to the practice, I had convinced myself it was boring.

After spending most of my childhood and teenage years studying classical Ballet, My body was slowly starting to pay the price for years of high impact dancing, two pregnancys, a stressful job and well just life in general.

The initial benefits after practicing regularly were obvious... strength, flexibility, I had healed my body and was completely pain free for the first time in a long time.

Then the mental benifits followed I finally started to find some peace and stillness of mind as emotional blockages were released and allowed me to deal with grief and emotional pain that I had burried down deep.

After practicing various styles daily including Bikram, Ashtanga, & restorative I finally decided to start my teacher training in the traditional Ashtanga method in 2015. I have since found joy and happiness beyond words as I have been blessed to share this healing practice with others.

I am also a devoted mother, Reiki master practitioner, Education assistant and I am continuing my studies in Yoga therapy and meditation facilitation. Always a student first learning every day.

Much love,




Feathers also stock a large range of handmade organic bath and body treats for the whole family. I put a lot of love and care into hand selecting all my ingredients and handcrafting each product. Pop into the studio for a sample or to treat someone you love with a Feathers pamper pack.


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